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Marion learns to balance her knowledge of modern medicine and alternative medicine in a treatment that aims at leaving you feeling reconnected, recentered and nurtured.




My name is Marion and your health is my priority.

I am a trained physiotherapist since 2015 (in Germany). Here in Australia, I work as a remedial massage therapist and remedial fitness trainer.


Some of the skills I use are following:

  • Manual Lymph Drainage

  • Cupping

  • Myofascial Release

  • I give you suitable stretch and strengthening exercises

  • Presence and Mindfulness

  • Heart Space

  • Reiki (Hands-on energy healing technique)

  • Intuition

  • Voice Healing

My service is holistic. It means that I focus on the WHOLE of you. Your body, mind and soul.


I used to be sceptical and didn't really know if I had a soul or if I was just a brain able to think about itself.

During a Reiki workshop in 2014, I had a profound life-changing experience. I felt how healing energy can flow through me to someone else and vice-versa, without any doubt possible. Reiki is a form of energy healing.

It was an incredible shift in perspective. To experience such magic and mystery was a blessing and a relief.

You don't have to believe in it to come and benefit from my treatments. It's always better to see for yourself anyway.


That's why I also offer

  • Reiki,

  • Hawaiian massage LOMI LOMI

  • Spiritual healing.

  • Workshops about the healing power of your voice


Massage is an art form.

I put my heart and soul into my massages.

And of course, technical knowledge.

With the intention to best serve YOU.

Because you matter,

so much more than you ever thought.

According to Chinese medicine, about 80% of all physical and mental illnesses develop out of unrefined and unprocessed emotions,

which are hiding somewhere in the body and waiting for a chance to come alive again,

in whatever way possible.

It is recommended that you take the time to clean and empty you body from all hidden emotions.


How ? There are many different ways. Alone time in nature, doing things we love, dancing, singing, screaming, sports, reflection, writing...


And massage.

I am passionate in supporting people release pain, emotions and beliefs that no longer serve them. And believe me or not, better yet, try it for yourself, a compassionate massage really helps. (to be honest at least 3 massages in 2 weeks. Because releasing years of emotional burden takes time and care.)

I used to be disconnected from my body. I am now in lot healthier relationship with my best buddy, my body. To be honest, it's a work in progress. Sometimes I feel like I fail and I fall back into old habits that no longer serve me. But I always start again. It's an every day commitment. And it is SO worth it.

When energy flows freely through your body, your whole life changes for the better.

My calling is to help all willing souls reconnect to their body fully.

The Art of Massage allows me to do so. There is an art of touch that I wish to embody.

Under my hands, you will benefit from my physiotherapist and remedial masseuse skills as well as my ongoing training in Presence and Energy Healing.

I hold space for you to feel loved, nurtured and held.

Are you feeling the call ? Get in touch with me !

Sincerely yours,

about yor therapist


One could say that a synonym to health is BALANCE. 
In a simple and metaphorical way, we can compare health to the ability to keep balance.

Everything changes all the time.

As the saying says:

"You could not step twice in the same river"

So this balance can never be static. It requires a practice that includes good sleep, healthy food, movement, community...  And this needs to be a regular committed practice.

Yet nowadays it is easy to be out of balance.


Sometimes you need some loving hands to help you let go of unnecessary pain and reconnect with the joy of being alive.

This is where I come in.

I am here to support you

on your journey back to balance 

through my knowledge and experience.

Humbly, through this ancient art of massage.


Massage, bodywork, sound, deep presence are functioning tools to achieve and maintain a good quality of life and well being.

Remember that you are the master of your life.

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