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Nurturing - Uplifting - Transforming

75min - 90min - 120min -

Find support on your journey to greater harmony and well being.

Experience the “loving hand” massage through the “Aloha Spirit”

Rebalance your mind, spirit and body.


Aloha !

You are physically exhausted ?

Your neck is stiff, your back aching and your legs heavy?

You are emotionally drained and need nurturing ?

There are a lot of changes in your life - career, family/relationship and identity wise ?

You are feeling stuck and wonder in what direction to go ?

You suffer from fluid retention ?

You are simply curious about this treatment ?

A Lomi Lomi massage can help you.

Deeply relaxing with long, soothing, full body strokes, Like waves coming and going

This treatment originally comes from Hawaii and takes its roots in the ancient and healthy wisdom of the people and healers of Hawaii. Lomi Lomi speaks to your mind body and soul, remembering them of the feeling of love.


I love giving this treatment.

It is my intention as a therapist to embody and share the Aloha spirit as much as I can.

Be aware though that I am still a student and I am just beginning to walk with joy and love through life.

And I am not a healer, I am a facilitator of healing. You and life breath are healing yourself.


I am thankful for anybody choosing me to give them this treatment because it allows me to go deeper into sharing the love for life.

The Hawaiians look at things in terms of energy flow, believing that

an idea or belief can block energy flow as much as muscle tension can.

Lomi Lomi helps release the blockages,

whilst at the same time giving the energy new direction.

Thus Lomi Lomi is not just a physical experience;

it also facilitates healing on the mental, emotional and spiritual levels as well.

The Hawaiians view all aspects of the body as one and believe

that the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual are all part of the "whole" self.

When healing is effected on one level, all levels are affected.”


“When harmony is lacking the effect is

pain physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually.

Illness is a state of tension, which leads to resistance which blocks energy movement. Lomi Lomi helps release this and therefore facilitates the road to healing.

On the physical level, through Lomi Lomi stress and tension are relieved,

blood and lymph flow assisted and

the elimination of wastes and toxins stimulated.”


“The Aloha Spirit refers to the attitude of

friendly acceptance

for which the people of Hawaii are so famous.

Aloha stands for so much more than hello or goodbye or love.

Its deeper meaning is

" the joyful sharing of life energy in the present".

This really is one of the secrets of Lomi Lomi :

to love and nurture the body as if it was your own.


  • I use a lot my whole forearms during the massage to give long full body strokes.

  • It is quite an oily massage.

  • the amount of oil allows me to give you underbody strokes, which are very relaxing.

  • rhythmical hawaiian music is played

  • your face, feet, hands, belly and decollete as well as your legs, arms and back are massaged.

  • it is best done naked laying on the vinyl of the table to allow me to do underbody strokes and full body stroke without being stopped by your underwears on your hips. This way the massage flow isn’t hindered. Your privacy will always be respected and you will be covered by a sarong. Being naked is not mandatory. If you want to receive a Lomi Lomi and wish to keep your underwears, wear some that are ok getting oily.

  • Lomi lomi can also be practiced with 2 therapists. It is then a 4 hands massage ! My partner is also a lomi lomi masseur and we would be delighted to offer you an amazing experience together. inform me well in advance as we need to be both available.


Want to know more ? Read this article from “Aloha International” written by Tracey Lakainapali. Quotes are from her. Here is the full article.


Get a 4 handed LOMI LOMI
Me and my partner Joshua are both trained in the art of giving Lomi Lomi.
With 4 Hands on your body. feminine and masculine energy combined and focused on YOU, the potential for healing, rejuvenation and bliss is so high ! It is a unique experience worth trying. Don't wait. Get in touch with us.

After massage


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