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3 ESSENTIALS BASICS to any work out

Marion from Rebalance here. I want to share with you 3 key components for a successful and efficient body practice.

They are simple things. Yet don't fool yourself, they are actually not that easy to master.

If you start implementing them in your practice, the benefits will slowly ripple through your whole life.

They are like a frame in which you practice. They are the meta of your session.

I promise, it works.

To see the results of practising those 3 basics essentials, we also need a bit of REGULARITY and COMMITMENT to move towards your BIGGER PICTURE.

It doesn't matter what type of bodywork you are doing.

May it be









warm-up or

cool down to your main practice.

The 3 things I am about to talk about are almost like a well kept SECRET. Yet when you put your focus on it, the positive effects of your bodywork session will tenfold.

Ok, ok. Enough said. Let's go.

1) Positive thoughts towards yourself

Be kind. Be nurturing.

Now that you are reading this, you probably think. "Duh! I know that. I am not stupid."

Well, may I gently remind you of the difference between knowing and doing?

Let's say that you are working out!

You are taking time out of your day for yourself. Despite all the things you expect of yourself, of others, and others expect of you;

Despite all the things that worry you or scare you about our society,

here you are rolling your shoulders, moving your neck, doing lunges... And I'd like you to say, even aloud!

Think it. Feel it.

Or if it feels better for you. The I version

It's important to consciously choose to have positive thoughts towards yourself because have you heard about that one that we don't see but that love running the show? You know... the unconscious !

Your unconscious is like the unseen part of the iceberg. It's HUGE. And this part of yourself has more influence on your life than your conscious self. Don't be afraid though. Your unconscious isn't something to control and take power over. Trust it!

Your unconscious carries inside both the best and the worse of you.

That's why talking loud to yourself, creates a bigger impact. You are reaching a deeper part of yourself when you hear yourself talking to yourself in a loving and affirming way. If you cannot be loud. Think it. With conviction though!

And remember it is a practice. It might feel really awkward (I love that word!) at first to consciously think in loving terms of yourself and even speak to yourself. PS: Talking to yourself is a sign of intelligence and care. Talking to yourself isn't a sign of insanity. On the contrary. Being able to do what is the best for you, despite wht other people might think of it, is a sign of excellent sanity. (in our humble opinion) ***

How does it improve your body workout?

Because your mind and body are intimately connected together.

Your body listens to your mind and your mind listens to your body.

That's why I really want to introduce you to the concept of:


This is not for the faint of heart. Because it can be extremely challenging at times to accept what you are thinking, feeling and where you are in life.

Basically what it means is that:

you are allowed to have shitty thoughts.

You are allowed to be in pain.

You are allowed to feel stuck, anxious, hateful, resentful, stupid, scared; jealous, bitter, weak, weird, lost...

None of that will ever say anything about your true value. Because your value is always priceless. It has always been and will remain so. No matter how many wrinkles, belly flaps and zero in your bank account.

Accept that you are afraid, scared, confused, lost, happy, excited...

Of course keep the long-term goals in mind.

And even if you're not sure you agree with me on the fact that your life and your being has immense value. Know that resisting where you are at a given moment, will only give more power to that exact thing you are resisting.

It's a bit as if a part of yourself became a loving, nurturing and caring parent to the rest of you.

And again, let me remind you and myself that this is a lifelong practice.

That was a lot of text to basically tell you to be kind to yourself when you do a workout. And to accept "negative" thoughts instead of pretending they are not there. And now let's move on to the second essential basic to any body work practice. Also easily underestimated, this is a saviour from the general fear and normalised insanity ruling around.


Why would you want to be here and now when all you wish is be to be somewhere else?

Like to be that person that is shape again. Or out of financial stress,

be it with a loving and supporting community around, instead of lonely me...

Well as confronting as it is to be here and now with all the things you wish weren't there, it brings so much calm and relaxation to focus on the present moment.

And also if you get right down to it, there is only here and now. Here and now is the only thing we have.

(I know, that's a hard one to digest) Of course while doing physical activities you may become inspired and receive valuable creative thoughts. You may think of all the things you would like to do and the grocery list. And the stuff you forgot to answer to and do.... Let it be. And comeback to your body, the practice and the simplicity of it all.

One of the best way to get yourself to the land of here and now is by tuning into your body.

Feeling the sensation of the air going in your nose or mouth and out or nose or mouth.

I know time is scarce. You gotta do so many things!!! But trust me on that. Even if it sounds paradoxical, conter-intuitive, or illogical. Being mindful during your bodywork will indirectly increase your capacity to achieve things. Because it calms your mind. A calm mind means a calm body. A calm body means a happy healthy body, means a higher immune system, means just more stamina for your dreams, for your family and loved ones. And like trust, the capacity to be here and now is a muscle. You train it. And overtime you get better at it. Courage is to suck at learning something new.

When you do your workout and you are here and now to the best of your ability

you are later on gifting your loved ones, yourself, your life with more capacity to be there for them.

Now, are you still reading? Thank you!

The third aspect is.... rolled drums....

Again always there, yet always on the move


Focusing on your breath keeps you focused and stretch the mind out of its comfy corner of isolation, separation and worry.

The third point is so easy. Yet we forget to do it sometimes. Lucky it's done on autopilot. Yet when you bring your awareness to it suddendly being here and now and accepting yourself radically are a lot easier.

You can train to watch your breath without influencing it. And you can also realize that as soon as you watch it, it changes.

Come on, try to answer those questions when you focus on your breath:

How much are you the observer of your breath? And how much are you controling it?

I'm not sure.

What I DO know though is that

When you have a place of tension. Breath into it. It's enough. Don't listen to your mind telling you that it's not enough. Or yes, listen to it. And accept it without being angry at it.

Listen to it and keep breathing into the areas that are tight or problematic. Breath into it. The breath is really a fundamental basic for us. When you take a deep breath your body can readjust itself easier into a state of relaxation.

I believe – and I am not the only one to believe this, a lot of ancient and modern healing therapies are based on this:

Our body knows what peace is. Our body knows what love is. Our body knows what health is.

So next time you exercise,




And remember it's all a practice.

Living a balanced life is a practice. And we all can do it!

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