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I N T E N T I O N - Joe Dispenza / Consciousness / Power of Intention / Massage & Intention

Updated: Aug 3, 2019

This article reflects my opinion only and I am open to discussion.

In this article we'll explore the meaning of intention. And its relationship to consciousness. And how having an intention for a treatment, an activity, a day, a person, your life can support the blossoming of what your heart desires.

Intuition is like giving direction to a moment. Setting space for a later unfolding. The trust put in a prayer in action.

Sometimes we understand things best by looking at what they are not. Intention is not an expectation. They have similarities. They both set a space and indicate a kind of goal.

Yet there is a huge difference.

Intuition leaves a door open, intention is relaxed. Expectation is tense and entitled. Intention welcomes any results, beyond good and bad.

Expectations expects a certain result, what is not part of that target, will be a failure; is bad; expectation is judgemental. And sometimes with expectation, I know I have done that many times, we look for a certain thing, thus missing out on so many other things. Alike this experiment where a group of people are asked to count the number of pass in a team playing with a ball. Once the video is over, they are then asked if they saw the black gorilla going through the game. And they don't even understand the question. They didn't see anything looking like a gorilla. They were so focused on counting the number of pass and fulfilling the task they were asked to do, that they missed a big hairy thing crossing the field. Yet watching the match again, this time looking for the gorilla, they undoubtedly see it.

Compare setting an intention to aiming a goal with a bow and arrow. The arrow is your intention. The only way to attain the goal is by letting go of the arrow.

Now what does this have to do with massage ? Well, if you believe mind, body and spirit to be one, than what you believe has a direct impact on your body and your reality. And because massage can create moments of pure relaxation, moment out of time and space, it is great if you give a recipient, a direction, a color to this unfolding of your self and of your awareness. Massage trains our ability to surrender, to let go of control. As paradoxical as it sounds, relaxing is an active process. You are actively releasing the grasp on things you have.

When I give you a Lomi Lomi – Hawaiian massage -, I ask you to set an intention. As a matter of fact, nothing keeps you from having an intention for any other type of massage.

You can share it with me or keep it for yourself. But some of you don't know what I mean by that. That's why I am sharing this video with you. Dr Joe Dispenza defines what intention really is and how to pursue your goals while being surrendered in the process.


His first explanation is :

“An intention is to get clear on what you want.” Simple ? Non ?

But are you clear on what you want ? ( this is an whole other subject... the process to have an unified will ! )

If you don't know your intention, then your intention can be clarity. Or something like a quality, a sensation, a dream, a desire, a picture you want to see happen in your life ; by having an intention you send a message to the spiritual world. An intention is like an arrow. For it to work you have to let it go. If you silence your head, often you will find out what is your intention.

Here are some more words of Dr Dispenza transcripted of his video.

“When you are whole, it is impossible to want”

“we've also measured epigenetic changes and changes in blood brain chemistry and all of that information. We looked at hundreds and hundreds of brains and we were moved to tears a few times because we now know that when you are analysing your life within some emotions that are bothering you, you will make your brain worse every time. Because it's those very emotions that drive your brain further into higher and more aroused states. And since the emotion is a record of the past, the person is basically thinking in the past.

They can't resolve the problem from the past.

When they get beyond that emotion, that's when they begin to see the answer that they've been looking for for themselves. We also know that when people live their life with their attention on people and things and objects, they're living by the hormones of stress and they are obsessing about time, about their bodies, they have very little effects or changes in their brain.

We also know that when a person gets to the place where they are a nobody, no one, nothing, nowhere and in no time, that's the moment that they literally are pure consciousness. Now consciousness is what changes the brain. Brain never changes the brain. The program never changes the program. The personality never changes the personality. The ego never changes the ego. Matter never changes matter. It's only when a person becomes pure consciousness. Pure consciousness energy is the epiphenomena matter and so when people reach this elegant state where they disconnect from their body, that's when they can heal their body.” When they forget about their life, that's when they can change their life. When they forget that they are a woman or a wife or a grandmother or an attorney or a lawyer or a father or a homosexual, a heterosexual, a vegetarian, a social security number or a name , a face... Massage can definitely help you get to that state of being. Dancing, being in nature, a manual task, listening to music too !

It is such an honour and a blessing to assist people reach bigger state of awareness through touch, sound and intention. It is something that I am deeply fascinated by. ~~~~ And I am so thankful for that ~~~

because it allows me to be into that beautiful and sacred space. To past and future clients : thank you so much for your trust.

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