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60 min - 1h15 - 1h30 - 2h

There is nothing like a good old Swedish relaxation massage to bring you back to yourself and the bright side of the road. In my massage I use techniques from Thai massage to Hawaiian Lomi Lomi, Myofacial Release and Reiki. Pressure is light to medium. No pain or discomfort is to be felt.

A relaxing massage can bring you into a state of bliss. I will still work on tense areas but the main goal for you is to enjoy, here and now, a moment where you can forget everything and just melt into the table. Head and face massage help bring you to that magic place.

You might think that a relaxing massage is not as beneficial as a therapeutic/remedial massage. If you’re health level is good, a relaxation massage is great and just enough. It relaxes and balances your vegetative system that control things like your heartbeat, your hormones level, your digestion, the general muscle tension of your body. So don’t underestimate the benefits of relaxation. It clears your mind and bring you back to the present moment.

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