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- Your health is my priority -

Remedial -

Therapeutic -

Relaxing -

Manual Lymphatic Drainage -

Quick Empowered - 30min massage + 30min mindful movement

Mobile - at YOUR home / Accomodation

30min - $50

60min - $90

90min - $120

120min - $160


60min - $110

90min - $130

120min - $170

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Combo – Combination of different treatments

Blessed -

Massage 60'/Reiki 30' – 1h30

60 min tailored massage to loosen up tension in your muscles and

30 min Reiki to go even deeper in relaxation and healing. (+ intuitive use of my voice with healing chanting and heart language)

Movement  Solutions- $120

Mobile - $130

Quick Empowered -

Massage 30'/Movement 30' – 1h

Tailored massage + exercises that are just perfect for YOU. It can include breathing exercises, Stretch, Strength, Coordination, Yoga. Focus is on Mindfulness and FEELING

Movement Solutions - $90

Mobile  - $100

Empowered -

Massage 60/Movement 30 – 1h30

Tailored massage + exercises that are just perfect for YOU. It can include breathing exercises, Stretch, Strength, Coordination, Yoga.

Movement Solutions - $120

Mobile - at YOUR home - $130

Extra Foot - Hand - Face

Extra Foot Massage 15 min/20$
your foot are full of reflex zones. You stand on them all day long and they carry you. Give them some time “off”

Extra Hand Massage 15 min/20$
your hands do so much for you every day. And like your feet they have a lot of energy point.

Extra Head & Face Massage 15 min/20$
Your eyes are continuously working for you, helping you take the outside world in. Especially nowadays with all the screens we look at.
You use your face to communicate your emotions with others and maybe your frowned eyebrows, tense jaws need to release unnecessary tension.

A scalp massage is really relaxing and help relax the whole body.

Self- Care Package

Prebook 5 or 10 treatments and save money

easy investment for immediate and long term benefits

because prevention is better than the cure

Our society and our need to earn money can turn life into a huge stress story. Regular massages help you strive instead of surviving

5 massages   x 60min - $350 - that's $100 off!!

10 massages x 60min - $750 - that's $150 off!


Pay in once or up to 3 times. And schedule all your appointments. From twice a week to once every 2 months, depending on your needs and goals.

Because Prevention is better than the cure

My advice: Don’t wait until the pain or discomfort is so strong that you have no other choice than seeing someone to help you.

Be PRO-active.

That’s why I propose you packages of 5 or 10 massages

Once in a blue moon massages are great – don’t get me wrong !

But regularity is key to a healthy and vibrant life.

Those packages are especially made for you if :

• You have pain in your body. 

• You lack of mobility in a specific area like your shoulder or hips and you would like to change it.


You are recovering from an injury and need regular work.

• you are in a period of intensity. Life challenging you.
(emotional distress / Mourning / Divorce / Creative blockage… )

• you are committed to your growth and healing. Updating your system requires some kind of Tender Love and Care. Massage is one of them.

We all win. I get a more stable income and you get cheaper and regular massages. People around you benefit from your more relaxed state of being.

Your body would be so thankful.


PS : if you can’t afford regular massages, get into rolling yourself on the foam.

Movement classes are great too.








FOAMROLLER are great. And a daily practice of YOGA, stretch, time in nature is so good to clear your energy and give you clarity.

Also, DANCE ! One of the most powerful way to heal yourself, because the joy you feel, the emotions that move you, the flow of movements, the connection to the present moment, your embodiement as you dance, that is real and easy healing !


Not sure what treatment to choose ?
Get in touch with me, I'll be happy to answer your questions and guide your choice.

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