Marion Stietel, your therapist is a trained physiotherapist initiated in the art of healing, combining both for your benefit.

At Rebalance we put special care in our treatments and genuine attention.

We see a maximum of 3 clients a day to ensure the highest quality of our service.


We value mindfulness and the connection between body and mind.

Your health and well-being is your responsibility.

We help you get there with grace, ease, flow and professional support.

Your Health is your



Remedial Massage -

Remedial Massage helps maintain and/or improve your health regarding following conditions :

  • Musculoskeletal disorders

  • Limited range of motion ( A joint that you cannot fully extend or bend)

  • Surgical and injury rehabilitation

  • Back and neck pain

  • Breathing problem (asthma, COPD..)

  • Swollen limbs due to cancer treatment, injury, lymphatic system issue ( Lipedema / lymphedema )

  • Constipation

Manual Lymphatic Drainage -

Light pressure, pain free technique, used without oil, to support your lymphatic system and reduce swelling in your ankles, legs or arms, ect due to a recent injury, a lymphatic system issue, removal of lymphnodes due to a cancer treatment. Great to relieve extreme pain also as this gentle technique helps flush away the molecules causing pain and inflammation.

Relaxation Massage -

Heaven for your mind - Stop those incessant thoughts - Relief from stress and our modern lifestyle - Regulates your nervous system - Stimulates the production of "feel-good" hormones.

Home Visits -

Corporate Service -

Show your team your appreciation for their work. Improve the coherence, motivation and health of your team!

Sound Healing -
Powerful moments to help you reconnect with yourself, the magic of life and its beauty, the present moment

Workshops -

At Rebalance we love exploring in group setting the body-mind connection and the voice.


30min - $45

60min - $85

90min - $115

120min - $150

At Massage Studio


60min - $100

90min - $150

120min - $185


The therapist and owner behind Rebalance is Marion Stietel.
Born in France, she studied physiotherapy in Germany in 2015. Here in Australia and beautiful Margaret River, she works as a remedial massage therapist, healer and musician.


Some of the skills she uses are following:

  • Manual Lymph Drainage

  • Cupping

  • Myofascial Release

  • Trigger point

  • Functional Massage

  • Diaphragm release

  • Somatic Work

  • PNF (proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation)

  • suitable stretch and strengthening exercises

  • Presence and Mindfulness

  • Reiki (Hands-on energy healing technique)

  • Sound healing with singing bowls - sound vibration is a subtle form of massage)

  • Toning with the voice : regulates the nervous system / vagal tone / help access a non intellectual consciousness, such a relief in those heady day and age -

  • Breathwork

Rebalance is a holistic service. It means that it's focused on the WHOLE of you. Your body, mind and soul. They always work together. It's like the yolk and the egg white : they are 2 different aspects of an egg. And it is impossible to separate them.

And if there is a door that Marion wholeheartedly invite you to open, it is the one of your emotions!
Your emotions matter!
And your emotional well-being might be the missing key to your health.

Massage helps you to regulate your nervous system. And this sentence might sound terribly boring. Yet the significance of having a regulated nervous system is huge.

It means that when you are down at the beach, you can truly enjoy this moment.
It means that when you are with your family, you can truly be there with your family.
it means that when you don't want to do something and be somewhere you are able to act! And not simply re-act!

It means that you are able to be present in your life! And this is, we believe the main point of being alive : BEING!


12 April 2019

I had a 90 minute remedial massage yesterday here at home. Marion is fully committed to her craft of massage and I loved her knowledge and respect of other cultures to bring a richness to the experience. I loved that I could have the massage in my home and Marion supplies everything that she needs. The 90 minutes flew by. I can highly recommend as she has a beautiful spirit and gentleness about her. I shall be booking a Lomi Lomi massage next time with her.

15 May 2019

As a fellow massage therapist I highly recommend Marion. She has a soft touch and uses her intuition to adapt to the individual on the table. The incorporation of sound into the massage is a nice calming touch that enhances the experience. Take the time to treat yourself.

fter many many years of not having a massage I just had an incredible one done by Marion who has amazing hands. She is very professional, very caring and extremely talented in her craft. I would highly recommend her to anyone and cannot wait for my next appointment and I love the fact that she is mobile and came to my home. Thank you Marion for an awesome experience.

Amazing results · Great deals · Luxurious experience · Professional masseuses

Marion has a beautifully intuitive approach to massage and healing. She is not a therapist just going through the motions of a formulaic massage. The various techniques used offer a deeper sense of peace, healing and relaxation. With a medical background in physiotherapy Marian brings a deeper understanding of the body plus, with the added spirituality of reiki, lomi lomi and vibrational healing Marian offers a truly unique, and totally holistc approach. Marian's unique approach left me feeling relaxed, energised and totally uplifted. Thank you for completing our little french inspired escape down south!


Had a very relaxing massage with Marion. It was great to experience cupping which was offered. As I had a sore neck I was comforted by Marion’s Physio background and received some useful tips to take home to aid a speedy recovery.

This massage was so relaxing I would highly recommend for anyone wanting to de-stress. The room was warm & heated bed, candles & beautiful music so calming from the minute you walk in.


What an awesome experience.. My massage was great,, it relaxed me and helped with my sleep issues.. Marion was professional and lovely.. I look forward to my next one.

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We have a big maximum of 3 massages a day
as we value quality above quantity.

There is heart and soul in each massages and treatments.
We are looking forward to support you on your journey back to balance.
Au revoir! et merci !
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